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weight loss doctor

A Healthy Choice: What to Look For When Choosing a Weight Loss Doctor

For many, losing weight isn't just a matter of aesthetics. The link between obesity and heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic health issues
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Answers to the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About the Orbera Procedure

Do you want to lose weight? Are you not seeing the results you'd like from diet and exercise? Do you want a solution that's quick, effective, and
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gastric balloon cost

Weighing the Cost: How Much Does a Gastric Balloon Cost & What Are Your Payment Options?

Have you thought about taking real steps toward losing weight but worry about the cost? You're not alone. The weight loss industry prices gauge
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types of body fat

Learn the 5 Different Types of Body Fat

Did you know there are different types of body fat? Probably not! Most people think that fat is the same around the body. They assume all fat is
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weight loss pills

Why You Shouldn’t Try Weight Loss Pills

Did you know that over 97 million people in the USA struggle with obesity? With an increase of three percent annually. The center of disease
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doctor recommended weight loss

11 Questions to Ask about your Doctor Recommended Weight Loss Program

Is it necessary to see a doctor when considering starting a weight loss program? Yes, it is. Losing weight isn’t all about exercising, dieting,
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start eating healthy

How to Start Eating Healthy and Turn Your Life Around

During a poll conducted several years ago, about 75 percent of Americans said that they believe they eat healthy. But there is quite a bit of
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cardio exercises

You Better Work! 8 Great Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

The benefits of cardio are numerous. Chief among them is burning calories. If you're looking to lose weight, shedding those calories is
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gastric balloon

Lose Weight Fast! 8 Benefits You Should Know About the Gastric Balloon Treatment

Losing weight is a difficult task sometimes. And diets alone don't work for everyone! This is especially true when trying to lose weight
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risks of weight loss surgery

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You: The Dangers of Weight Loss Surgeries

Want a shocking dose of reality? Nearly 40% of Americans are obese. Obesity is a risk factor for most of our most common chronic
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