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weight loss balloon

Weight Loss Ballon Removal Diet: What to Expect

The Orbera weight loss balloon only remains in your stomach for six months. However, as your provider told you at the beginning of the process,
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bariatric exercise

7 Steps to Exercise After Weight Loss Balloon Treatment

There are many weight loss surgery options on the market. The gastric balloon is growing in popularity because of its ease and effectiveness. The
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medical weight loss options

A Complete Guide to Medical Weight Loss Options

For years, available medical weight loss options required invasive surgeries with a long list of complications and extended recovery time. Those
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Elipse balloon

Before and After Your Gastric Balloon: The Ultimate Guide

49% of Americans want to lose weight. But how many actually succeed? Weight loss is hard enough, but for some, it can be downright
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non surgical weight loss

What Options Are Available For Non Surgical Weight Loss & Which One Is Right For You?

In the past decade, the number of bariatric surgeries in America has steadily increased. In 2017, the estimated number of bariatric surgeries was
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gastric balloon

How To Prepare For Your Gastric Baloon Extraction: 7 Things To Remember

As of September 2018, obesity rates among adults are over 35% in seven states, 30% in 29 states, and 25% in 48 states. The medical community defines
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gastric balloon

How Exactly Is A Gastric Balloon Better Than Weight Loss Surgery?

In the United States, more than two out of three adults are either considered overweight or obese. A person is obese when their Body Mass Index
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body changes during weight loss

How To Cope With Your Body Changes During Weight Loss: What No One Tells You

Approximately 71.6 percent of American adults are either overweight or obese.  If you're part of this population, you know how frustrating
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orbera balloon

The Orbera Balloon Weight Loss System: Your Questions Answered

Obesity is a major global health issue. And unfortunately, the United States comes in with the heaviest weight in statistics with a combined
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benefits of lifting weights

The Benefits of Lifting Weights: Why You Should Lift to Lose

No-one enjoys putting on weight unexpectedly. Which is why it’s so frustrating when it happens. We can all expect it at some point in our
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