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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the first clinic in the Tampa Area specializing in a non-surgical weight loss system (ORBERA™), provided by Dr. Alan Weintraub, a Gastroenterologist & Liver Disease Specialist. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals offers a unique multidisciplinary approach tailored to individual patient needs. We will assist you every step of the way to achieve your goals of transforming your lifestyle into a healthier one.

ORBERA® is a two-part weight loss program designed to help you to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Long-lasting weight loss and overall health is much more achievable with ORBERA®‘s gastric balloon technology, healthy diet, personalized exercise plan, support team and access to an available online after-care program. It has been shown that patients can lose up to 3x the weight with ORBERA®‘s weight loss system than with just diet and exercise alone.

Yes. The ORBERA® stomach balloon is soft, durable and about the size of a grapefruit. While un-inflated, it is inserted through your mouth and into your stomach. This simple procedure eliminates the need for any incisions or stitches and usually takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. Once inserted carefully into the stomach, the silicone balloon is then filled with up to 700 cc of a safe saline solution. Once in place the stomach balloon can begin encouraging healthy portion control.

ORBERA® is a 12-month weight loss and healthy lifestyle program. For the first six months of the program a gastric balloon is placed in your stomach to help with portion control. This will help you to learn healthy portion control methods while your body adapts to your new lifestyle. For the entire duration of the 12-month program you will be encouraged through the help from your support team to follow a diet and exercise plan. This not only helps in weight loss during the 12-month program, but also teaches you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term through recommended exercises, healthy foods and portion sizes.

Each patient is a individual case. It is recommended to schedule an appointment to see how Orbera® can change your life. However to qualify for Orbera® you must: • Be an adult • Have a Body Mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40 • Be willing to participate in a medically supervised program

Yes. During a U.S clinical trial, the ORBERA® weight loss balloon showed 3.1x the weight loss of diet & exercise.

Yes! With ORBERA® you can lose up to 3x more weight than with just diet and exercise alone. The stomach balloon kick starts your weight loss physically, but the aftercare and ORBERA® Coach help to keep it off mentally.

No! ORBERA® is a non-surgical weight loss procedure, which means no incisions, stitches, or scars. It takes just 20-30 minutes; most people go home the same day. And, importantly, the balloon is in place only temporarily, as opposed to permanent surgical alterations.

Currently we do not accept insurance, however with our Care Credit Program, you can begin your weight los journey as low as $417.00 per month with little or no money down. Each patient’s monthly payment may vary and is based upon each patient’s credit acceptance and rate.

Currently the program is under review by insurance providers.



Orbera Gastric Balloon More than 20 years of non-surgical weight loss.


Gastric balloons have improved weight loss in over 80 countries.


The average person loses 3x more weight than with diet and exercise alone.
# 0


Recognized for safety and effectiveness, it is the #1 weight loss balloon worldwide.

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* Care Credit monthly payments may vary based upon each individual’s application and contract. All pricing and products are subject to change without notice. Please consult with our staff regarding all products and procedures.

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